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Making $82K A Year As A Rapper On Fiverr (Reaction Video)

In this video, I share my reaction to a CNBC video of this Houston rapper making $82K a year on fiverr. Mike Burton has loved hip hop since he was a kid, but he never knew how to make a living at it until after college. That was when he found out about the freelancing website, Fiverr, and became a rapper-for-hire. Mike makes up to $9,200 a month writing and recording rap songs for people’s birthdays, anniversaries, business promotions, and podcasts. Since beginning in 2016, he’s brought in nearly $500,000 in sales.

Here are some of my recommendations for Mike Burton on how he can grow his income and build a more scalable business around his music and talent

Income Stream 1: Create an online course on how to make money on Fivver

Mike should leverage his media attention from CNBC and create a course for others (especially rappers and artists) on how they can make money from Fiverr. He can also show them how he got started, set his prices, equipment needed, and more.

Income Stream 2: Build your email list of customers from Fiverr platform

Social media and online platforms are great - but you don't own that audience. If something happens (website got shut down, account get hacked, etc.) you are at the mercy of their website. It's time to build up your email list and names of your Fiverr customers - current and previous customers. Create a simple form and collect their information (name, birthday, email) so that you can stay in contact with them for future gigs or to promote your original music. You can even send your email list a happy birthday or holiday rap as a thank you.

Income Stream 3: Sign up for affiliate programs for products/services

Since Mike already has been on the Fivver platform since 2016 - he should sign up to be a affiliate for the Fivver platform and other websites like QuickBooks, mixing software, audio equipment, etc. This is a easy way to make money and just requires organization and paperwork. Once he signs up for the affiliate marketing programs, he should link them on his website, social media and online course. Mike can create a quick tip or product review video once a week on Youtube and post on his website and link all his products in the description.

Income Stream 4: Offer business consulting services on how to sell on Fivver

There are a lot of Fivverr sellers that need help. Mike can offer his expertise to them by offering a consult to review and give advice on how best to use the platform. He can also specifically target rappers and artists that are looking for extra income streams. The sessions can be 15 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute session offered once or twice a month. Set up a calendar booking platform and start charging.

Income Stream 5: Connect with event planners for corporate events looking for entertainment or custom music

Most companies are back in office and love to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the year. Mike should start looking and connecting locally (Houston, Austin and Dallas) with event planners and doing research on companies in the area that have events. There are performers and songwriters who have learned the corporate events industry and are making great money doing this full-time. I would do my homework and start making connections.

Income Stream 6: Increase Fiverr services and start investing into long term assets

Once Mike increases his prices, he should have more time to work on his craft. He should also start to think about how to take a percentage of his take home income and invest in assets (real estate, businesses, etc.). As a creator you have to think like a business and leverage your income and time well. Mike should start looking into buying and investing in assets classes to help his money make him money. I would also invest in education and coaching to help you on your journey.

Disclaimer: This is not financial or investing advice. Just my own personal opinions.

Bonus Networking Tip: Attend music conferences to launch your songwriting career

Mike lives in Houston and he should definitely take advantage of networking at music industry events. Mike mentioned that he would like to expand his writing career outside of Fiverr so it is time for him to start networking. Create a list of the 10 upcoming music industry events that will be helpful for you as a rapper and songwriter. If you do it right, these connections can and will eventually lead to you making more income in the music industry.

Easy Ways Mike Can Leverage the CNBC Made It Video Media Coverage

  • Update all website and social media channels with the video

  • Send out an email newsletter promoting the video

  • Add this media feature on his press kit or EPK

  • Comment on the CNBC video and reply back to all the people who liked his story

  • Contact the local media in Houston Texas to get a feature about him

  • Create a behind the scenes video about his experience on CNBC Made It series

  • Use the social proof (screen shots of positive comments on the video) on his social media and website

  • Create a video (if allowed) about the process of how he got on the CNMB Made It series

  • Pitch himself on business and music podcasts and Youtube Channels to continue the media coverage

See the original new article and video CNBC website

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